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Aggression in Koi Fish San Diego, CA

Do Koi Ever Become Aggressive?

While koi are usually mellow fish, situations can arise where these gentle creatures turn into outright bullies within their pond. Here’s a guide to the main causes of aggression in koi, brought to you by the staff at Aquatic Warehouse, a trusted provider of koi pond supplies. If you have any concerns about your koi, this should provide some guidance on the matter. Natural Mood Not all koi are the same, and some are just more prone to acting aggressive. They often squabble over food when they’re not chasing down their pond mates and tend to be the first to surface if they know it’s feeding time. Time of the …

Is It Necessary to Have Rocks in a Koi Pond San Diego, CA

Do You Need Rocks in a Koi Pond?

A common discussion surrounding the construction of a koi pond is if it should include rocks. Although there seems to be a general consensus to not use them, it’s far from unanimous, as many also point out several pros of using rocks. The staff at Aquatic Warehouse, a leading provider of koi pond supplies, would like to share some information to help you decide if you’d like rocks in your pond. They Create a Natural Look Aesthetic reasons are often at the core of why owners and installers decide they do want rocks in their koi ponds, and many people believe ponds look better with rocks. Rocks create a natural …

Growth Rate of Koi Fish San Diego, CA

How Quickly Will My Koi Fish Grow?

The beautiful fish you often see in indoor ponds in Japanese restaurants and outdoor ponds in some people’s yards are called koi. Though some people think they’re a type goldfish, they’re actually a type of carp. When they hatch, they’re small, about 1/2 inch long, but they grow quickly. Jumbo koi may grow as big as 30 inches long and from 12 to 30 pounds in their prime. If you choose to raise koi as a hobby, your best ally will be a professional pond and aquarium supplier, such as Aquatic Warehouse. Our aquatic experts can advise you how to raise your koi from young, small fish to large, attractive …

What to Feed Koi Fish San Diego, CA

What Should Koi Fish Eat?

Although to some people they look a little like oversized goldfish, koi are actually a species of carp that were originally bred in Japan and are known for their beautiful colors. Because koi often live for two decades (or even longer), creating and maintaining a koi pond can provide years of enjoyment. One very important factor that impacts the long-term health and even the coloring of koi is their daily diet. Here’s why the right food is one of the most crucial koi pond supplies and what to consider when feeding your fish. Feeding koi is one of the most exciting parts of having a pond. Koi can be hand fed …

How to Keep Water Clear in Koi Ponds San Diego, CA

Tips for Keeping the Water Clear in Your Koi Pond

Clear, clean water is essential to maintaining a healthy environment for the fish in a koi pond. Additionally, after you’ve put time and energy into building your pond, the last thing you want is algae and murky water ruining your view. Luckily, there are some easy ways to ensure the water in your koi pond stays crystal clear. Don’t Overpopulate A good rule of thumb is that your pond should have no more than 10 inches of fish for every 100 gallons of water. To be clear, this generalization is taking for granted that you have very good filtration. Because fish waste is a major contributor to algae growth, having …

Advantages of Lighting for Koi Ponds San Diego, CA

What Are the Advantages of Having Lighting for a Koi Pond?

Koi ponds offer a truly elegant beauty to a garden or home. You can enjoy these magnificent fish swimming freely surrounded by a well-maintained landscape. What brings even more warmth is adding proper mood lighting to accent the pond. Lighting might not be one of the first koi pond supplies you think you need to get, but it’s definitely an important consideration. Here are some of the top benefits of adding lights to a koi pond. Creates a Focal Point In any garden or landscape, there tends to be one area that stands apart from the rest. Having a koi pond is the perfect focal point to draw in attention. …

Level of Maintenance for Koi Ponds San Diego, CA

Is It Difficult to Maintain a Koi Pond?

Koi ponds are a beautiful addition to a home’s yard. As gorgeous of an addition as a koi pond may be, there are a few things to keep in mind before choosing to have one built on your property. Upkeep for a koi pond is absolutely important to maintain the radiance of its natural appearance and protect the health of the fish that dwell within it, which you can do by purchasing the necessary koi pond supplies and keeping the following maintenance considerations in mind. Keeping Koi Fish Fed The fish are one of the top priorities of maintaining a koi pond. Without living fish, you would have only a …

Advantages of Having Koi Fish San Diego, CA

5 Best Benefits of Adding Koi to Your Pond

Koi fish are some of the most beautiful additions to an outdoor pond. Not only do they catch the eye and come in an incredible variety of colors, but they’ve also been shown to aid in relaxation and even increase property value. Here are five reasons you should consider adding koi to your pond, brought to you by Aquatic Warehouse, a leading provider of high-quality koi pond supplies. 1. They’re a Reminder of Both Strength & Serenity In Japanese culture, these beautiful fish are regarded as symbols of strong willpower. They tend to swim upstream, a sign of persistence. Koi have also been shown to reduce negativity and anxiety in …

Advantages & Disadvantages of Indoor Koi Ponds San Diego, CA

What Are the Pros & Cons of Having an Indoor Koi Pond?

There are many reasons you might want to build a koi pond. Sitting by a pond can be relaxing, especially if there are beautiful, jewel-colored fish inside to watch. Koi ponds are also conversation starters and a source of entertainment for your guests. Most people think of koi ponds as outdoor fixtures, but did you know you can build one indoors too? Here are some pros and cons of having a koi pond inside your home. Pro: Protection from the Elements Keeping a koi pond outdoors leaves it vulnerable to a variety of hazards, ranging from inclement weather to hungry wildlife. Having an indoor pond eliminates the chance of foreign …

How Deep to Make a Koi Pond San Diego, CA

How Deep Do Koi Ponds Need to Be?

When it comes to building a koi pond, a few things might be obvious. For example, you’ll want your pond to sit in a good location where it can be viewed and enjoyed. You’ll also need to worry about proper filtration and drainage. In designing your koi pond, there’s another element that shouldn’t be overlooked: its depth. The friendly staff at Aquatic Warehouse, a leading provider of high-quality koi pond supplies, are here to share a few considerations when it comes to the depth of a koi pond. With selecting a depth for a koi pond, it’s important to also consider its overall size. Often, hobbyists might find the ideal …

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