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Different Personalities for Fish San Diego, CA

Do Fish Have Distinct Personality Traits?

You live in different worlds, and although you aren’t willing to trade your legs for fins, you’d like to know more about your aquatic housemates. While you want to know if they’re happy, every fish owner has the same question at one point or another: do fish have different personalities? The short answer is “yes,” but the staff at Aquatic Warehouse, a trusted aquarium supplier, is here to help you understand the answer to this question. A Matter of Biology The first step to answering this question is understanding the challenge of decoding fish behaviors. Their biology is wildly different from our own. It’s easier to understand animals we have …

Fish to Avoid for Beginner Aquarists San Diego, CA

7 Types of Fish to Avoid if You’re a Beginner Aquarist

Beginner aquarists typically aren’t aware of the kinds of fish that often cause problems for maintaining a nicely balanced aquarium. Some fish get too big too fast. Others are overaggressive killers, unload a large amount of waste in the tank, or are prone to sickness. Fish that have more stringent and specialized water quality requirements or need better filtration are some other kinds of traits to watch out for if you’re a beginner. Here is a list of 7 fish species beginner aquarists should avoid, brought to you by Aquatic Warehouse, a trusted aquarium supplier. 1. Glass Catfish These transparent fish are pretty awesome because you can see through their …

Substrate for Fish Aquariums San Diego, Ca

What Are the Best Substrates for an Aquarium?

Substrate is the third-most important decision an aquarium owner can make (and also one of the most essential fish tank supplies), right after deciding which fish to fill it with and what size aquarium to buy. While gravel is one particular type of substrate, it’s not the only kind. This brief guide will go over several substrate materials and clarify their features and which aquariums they’re best for. Gravel This most common of freshwater aquarium substrate materials comes in both fine and coarse styles. Gravel is common because it’s a safe and pH-neutral material. It’s best used in fish-only aquariums and as the top layer of a plant aquarium’s substrate. …

Dos & Don'ts for Driftwood in Aquarium San Diego, CA

What Are the Dos & Don’ts for Adding Driftwood to an Aquarium?

Adding driftwood to an aquarium involves some thoughtful planning to capture the right aesthetic qualities. While driftwood creates a beautiful and natural look, it also takes up a great deal of room in an aquarium. Such alterations can create a beautiful artistic effect. Here are some dos & don’ts for adding driftwood to an aquarium, brought to you by the aquarium experts at Aquatic Warehouse. Don’t: Buy Driftwood that Might Be Unsafe to Use When shopping for driftwood, only look for the type that’s safe for aquarium use. Driftwood used for reptiles and other animals may contain chemicals that will harm your fish. Resist the temptation of using wood you …

How to Catch Aquarium Fish San Diego, CA

Techniques for Safely Catching the Fish in Your Aquarium

At some point you may need to catch your fish and move them into another aquarium. The reason may be to put them into their new home or do aquarium maintenance, or your fish may be sick and need to be put under quarantine. Fish typically get stressed during the process of being caught—so much so that it can cause illness or, even worse—a mortality. Therefore, it’s very important to have excellent fish-catching skills. Here are some tips to help you safely catch your fish when transferring them to another aquarium or holding tank, brought to you by the staff at Aquatic Warehouse, a reliable aquarium supplier. Be Patient Slow …

White Spots on Aquarium Fish San Diego, CA

Why Do Fish Get White Spots?

When you see white spots on your fish, it means they’re infected with a disease. The white spots develop from the ciliate protozoan Ichthyophthirius multifiliis, which is commonly known as “ich” (pronounced “ick”) and is one of the most common fish diseases. Ich often evolves into blister-like lesions that look like white spots on the scales and/or fins. Sometimes the disease only affects the gills, in which case you won’t see any white spots. This infectious disease can be prevented and also treated fairly easily. The aquarium experts at Aquatic Warehouse, a leading provider of high-quality fish tank supplies, explain the reasons ich develops and how to prevent it. Beginning …

Which Bottom Feeder Fish are Best for Freshwater Aquarium in San Diego, CA

5 Best Bottom Feeder Fish to Get for a Freshwater Aquarium

Bottom feeder fish are part of keeping a well-rounded aquarium. These fish will happily clean up the sediment along the bottom of the tank before it becomes detritus that can raise ammonia levels in your aquatic ecosystem. Commonly used is the Plecostomus, but the aquarium experts at Aquatic Warehouse have put together a list of 5 additional bottom dwellers that can add a little color and personality to the bottom of your tank. 1. Clown Loaches The clown loach is a colorful orange and red fish with black bands that’s best kept in warm tropical tanks. Clown loaches prefer temperatures around 79-85 degrees to prevent illnesses such as ich, and …

Popular Beginner Saltwater Fish San Diego, CA

3 Saltwater Fish that Are Perfect for Beginners [Infographic]

There are many beautiful fish to choose from to include in your saltwater tank. However, if you’re new to the hobby of being a saltwater aquarist, don’t start with fish that need more care than you’re ready to handle just yet. Instead, get some fish that are more suitable for a novice such as yourself. The friendly staff at Aquatic Warehouse, a leading provider of saltwater aquarium supplies, has put together this handy infographic featuring three of the most popular saltwater fish for beginner aquarists.

Why Should You Add Java Moss to an Aquarium in San Diego, CA

4 Reasons to Add Java Moss to an Aquarium

Java moss is one of the most popular freshwater aquarium plants, as it doesn’t have many requirements to grow and is suitable for most tropical fish that mainly live in freshwater. Unlike some similar plants, Java moss can survive in an environment with low light intensity and tolerate a wide range of temperatures, and it does well in most substrates. Java moss that grows on land tends to develop larger leaves than those in water. Here are some of the top advantages to adding Java moss to your aquarium. Reduces the Amount of Algae The growth of obnoxious algae in an aquarium can have a negative impact on the overall look …

Ensuring Your Fish Are Fed When You're on Holidays in San Diego, CA

How to Make Sure Your Fish Are Fed When You’re on Vacation

You’re finally going on that vacation you’ve needed so much. You have the mail held, the luggage packed, and the water heater turned off. Then the thought hits you—your fish will need to be fed while you’re away. Here’s a few tips to consider regarding feeding your fish while you’re away on vacation, brought to you by the knowledgeable staff at Aquatic Warehouse. Plan for the Length of Your Vacation Consider how long you’ll be away. If it’s just a couple of days, many fish will be fine without being fed. However, if you go much longer (like three days or more) or have certain species or baby fish, you’ll need …

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