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Exotic Freshwater Aquarium Fish San Diego, CA

7 Exotic Fish You Can Add to Your Freshwater Aquarium

Aquarium envy is an issue sometimes experienced by freshwater fish keepers who look at the species of their saltwater counterparts. While it’s true that many saltwater aquarium species are gorgeous and tend to be more colorful than the average freshwater fish, this is mostly a matter of convenience and economics. The most popular freshwater fish tend to be the hardiest and most resilient. However, many are as pretty as they are tough survivors, which makes them easier for aquarium shops to stock and breed. If you’re looking for freshwater species other than the usual guppies and danios, the staff at Aquatic Warehouse—a leading provider of freshwater aquarium supplies, suggests some …

Good to Use Fake Aquarium Rocks San Diego, CA

Is It a Good Idea to Use Fake Aquarium Rocks?

Within the fish keeping hobby, aquascaping refers to the tasteful decoration of the tank and its habitat, which may involve lighting, backgrounds, plants, ornaments, driftwood, and rocks. However, there’s more than just aesthetics to consider when formulating an aquascaping plan. For example, plants are a major improvement to both freshwater and saltwater tanks because they create a more natural ecosystem. In the case of rocks that are larger than the substrate, they can serve purposes that are more important than simply adding style to your tank. Rocks can provide hiding and resting places for some of your species, and they can also serve as rooting objects for aquatic plants. In …

Is It Possible for Fish to See in the Dark San Diego, CA

Are Fish Able to See in the Dark?

Every now and then, images of creatures that live in the depths of the ocean are posted on social networks, and they tend to elicit gasps from those who see them for the first time. This has been happening more in recent years because of advances in underwater digital photography, and the species we’re seeing for the first time often have a terrifying appearance, at least when compared to the nice, friendly, and colorful fish we enjoy seeing in aquariums. To make matters worse, we give these creatures scary names to match their looks, such as pelican eel, goblin shark, dragonfish. Something that’s even more interesting than the appearance of …

What to Feed Freshwater Fish San Diego, CA

What Food Should You Get for Your Freshwater Fish?

Fish owners who have freshwater tanks understand the importance of diet for their pets, and nutritious food is one of the most essential freshwater aquarium supplies. To keep your fish healthy and their colors bright and vibrant, they have to follow a diet that best suits them. One important aspect you need to understand is the specific kind of diet type your specific breed of fish requires, which is dependent upon whether your fish is a carnivore, omnivore, or herbivore. This article will help you find the right kind of freshwater fish food for your pet fish. For Carnivorous Fish Some popular carnivores are bettas and discus. Their natural diet …

Amazing Tropical Aquarium Fish San Diego, CA

5 Tropical Fish to Get if You Want Your Aquarium to Stand Out

An aquarium can be a lovely home décor accent and a fascinating hobby when you design it correctly. If you want your aquarium to stand out, you need something besides basic everyday fish. The staff at Aquatic Warehouse, a trusted aquarium supplier, would like to suggest some beautiful tropical fish to consider when you want an aquarium that’s sure to be a showpiece. 1. Tetras Tetras are a great choice because they’re a schooling fish. A cluster of these brightly colored fish can be a lovely accent point in any aquarium. There are dozens of variants to choose from, and they tend to have bright colors like iridescent blue, deep …

Boosting Emotional Health with a Saltwater Aquarium San Diego, CA

4 Ways Owning a Saltwater Aquarium Can Boost Your Emotional Health

Saltwater fish aquariums offer more than just a pretty focal point for a room. Caring for fish and learning aquarium-management skills boosts emotional wellness in the long-term while providing immediate, enjoyable results. It may surprise you to learn what a few good fish can do for your emotional health. 1.  Form Bonds Fish keepers may never have actual conversations with their fish, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a relationship. Contrary to popular belief, fish have unique personalities. Scientists have demonstrated this fact. It isn’t just the well-meaning hopes and dreams of dedicated aquarium keepers. Even if all the fish you have belong to the same species, behavior differences …

Can You Touch Your Pet Fish San Diego, CA

Is It a Bad Idea to Touch Your Fish?

Having fish can be a rewarding hobby. From long-finned bettas to ornate angelfish, there are many beautiful species that can thrive in captivity. While fish may seem like easy pets to care for, they all have different maintenance and diet requirements. One of the most important aspects of fish maintenance is handling, which should be done with the proper equipment rather than your hands. The staff at Aquatic Warehouse, a trusted supplier of saltwater and freshwater aquarium supplies, wants to share why it’s best to not touch your fish. Touching Can Be Harmful to Fish Touching your pet fish is usually a bad idea. It’s advised to avoid touching or …

Should You Buy Fish at a Pet Shop or Aquarium Store San Diego, CA

Should You Buy Fish at a Pet Store?

If you’re in the market for some new fish, there are three primary places you can get one: online, a “big box” chain pet store, or your friendly local aquarium store. There are advantages to each of these, but one options stands out above the rest. The best place to buy a fish, hands down, is from a store dedicated to fish, aquariums, and fish tank supplies. Specialty Fish Stores Know Their Stuff Your local aquarium store is dedicated to fish. The people who work there know all the particularities behind this unique brand of pet ownership. They’re a great help for first-time fish owners, as they know how to …

Food to Never Feed Fish San Diego, CA

5 Foods You Shouldn’t Give to Your Fish

The food you get from your aquarium supplier is enough to keep your fish happy and healthy. But sometimes you might find yourself out of fish food, or maybe you just want to feed your underwater friends a fun treat. What foods are safe and unsafe for fish? Here are some foods your fish should never eat. 1. Fatty Meat Many fish are carnivores or omnivores and will eat insects in their natural environment. Carnivores and omnivores need protein from other animals. Overall, serving up meat from your own refrigerator isn’t a very good source. Certain fish can tolerate terrestrial meats, but make sure the meat is very low in …

Buy Online Fish Supplies San Diego, CA

Is It Better to Buy Fish Supplies Online or In-Store?

If you own fish, there may be times when you cannot find the necessary supplies in your local store, especially if you’re not fortunate enough to live in San Diego where you can come to Aquatic Warehouse’s massive inventory. However, there are other ways to purchase fish tank supplies. Consider buying your fish supplies online to ensure you’ll always have everything you need, like at www.AquaticWarehouse.com. How Buying Fish Supplies Online Is Beneficial When you opt to buy your fish supplies online, you have a vast array of choices, which means you can buy specialty products for your aquarium as well as your pond. You can also buy fish supplies …

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