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Life Span of Aquascape in Aquarium San Diego, CA

What’s the Life Span of an Aquascape?

The practice of keeping saltwater or freshwater planted aquariums is often called aquascaping or underwater gardening. Experienced aquarists will tell you that establishing an aquascape is something all fish keepers should start off with. A planted tank could take a couple of months before it’s fully established, cycled, and ready to accept fish and invertebrates. Depending on the aquatic plants you select, this is how long the aquascape could last. On the other hand, aquarists who switch to tanks that only hold plants can establish long-term aquascapes that may last for years with reasonable maintenance. Here are some factors that can determine the life span of an aquascape. The Choice …

Why USe Aquarium Chillers San Diego, CA

Is It Necessary to Get an Aquarium Chiller?

Anytime you think about something that should be added to your aquarium, you should be thinking about whether the ecosystem within the tank needs it. More specifically, you should think about whether the fish you keep need it or will benefit from what you’re adding, and this goes for nutrition, water conditioners, additives, bacteria, live meals, decorations, and fish tank supplies such as aquarium chillers. Since nearly all aquarium species, both freshwater and saltwater, thrive in tropical habitats, chillers aren’t very common, but their installation may be required in some cases. Understanding Aquarium Chillers In essence, chillers serve the opposite purpose of heaters. Similar to heaters, chillers feature a thermostat …

Best Calcium Levels for Reef Tanks San Diego, CA

What Should the Calcium Levels Be Like in a Reef Tank?

Biochemistry is one of the various aspects involved in fish keeping, and it requires more attention from aquarists who keep saltwater tanks. Understanding the water chemistry of a reef aquarium can go a long way toward keeping a healthy ecosystem for tropical fish, algae plants, invertebrates, live rocks, and microorganisms. Saltwater tanks must be kept at certain ranges in terms of alkalinity and calcium levels. The knowledgeable staff at Aquatic Warehouse would like to share some considerations when it comes to maintaining the ideal calcium level in a reef tank. Important Parameters in Reef Tanks For aquarists who live near coral reefs, scooping up sea water for setting up a …

Is It Necessary to Have Filters in Fish Aquariums San Diego, CA

Are Filters Essential for Fish in an Aquarium?

A bowl holding a single goldfish is a popular trope you see in many Hollywood film and television productions. Many of these cinematic bowls feature nothing else but clear water and the fish. They lack substrate, plants, aeration systems, decorations, filters, and other essential fish tank supplies. What you don’t get to see is that these fishbowls are mostly props. The photogenic goldfish are temporarily taken from healthy aquariums equipped with filters and aeration systems. Once the scene wraps up, the fish are returned to their habitats. Bare fishbowls in movies don’t require special effects or post-editing to remove filters. Goldfish are hardy species that can survive without a filter, …

Why Shouldn't You Buy Cheap Fish Aquariums San Diego, CA

Reasons to Avoid Buying a Cheap Fish Aquarium

Aquarists who are familiar with Tanked, the reality television series on the Animal Planet network, know that certain celebrities are so passionate about fish keeping that they won’t flinch at spending thousands of dollars on their favorite hobby, and a significant amount is spent on high-quality tanks. For example, NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal started off with a modest tank before getting a lavish saltwater aquarium as his second one, and he really went all out. Some fish keepers are known to spend more on exotic species and decorations when they should really dedicate most of their cash on the glass or acrylic structures that hold their ecosystems. You don’t need …

How Long Can Fish Survive without Food in an Aquarium San Diego, CA

How Long Can Aquarium Fish Go without Eating?

All aquarium species need frequent nourishment to live healthy lives, but some happen to be more resilient than others, particularly those kept in freshwater tanks. Let’s say you have a healthy 10-gallon tank with a few guppies, danios, and goldfish plus a few plants along with shrimp. In this case, cutting off feeding for two days won’t have much of an effect. The species will realize something has happened to their regular nourishment, and they’ll start feeding on algae, shrimp, and microorganisms. Once algae and microshrimp are all consumed, the fish will eventually turn on each other for survival. Of course, the most humane thing to do is supply the …

Ammonia Stress Signs in Fish Tank San Diego, CA

Understanding Ammonia Stress in a Fish Aquarium

Fishkeeping is an activity that dates back more than three millennia. The Sumerians likely kept fish in ponds for both aquaculture farming and worship, something the Ancient Egyptians also practiced. The Greeks and Romans had a more scientific purpose to keeping fish, but ornamental fishkeeping started with the Sung dynasty of China in the 10th century. Glass aquariums complete with gravel, plants, and symbiotic species such as shrimp and snails were first envisioned in England during the mid-1850s, but it took about another century before full chemical testing of the water was introduced to the hobby, and this is when the importance of keeping ammonia levels close to zero came …

How Frequently Should You Clean Small Aquariums San Diego, CA

How Often Should You Clean a Smaller Aquarium?

Aquariums come in various sizes. While there are quite a few standard sizes for both freshwater and saltwater tanks, they can also be made to custom dimensions based on the species and how much space is available for placement. For example, a few guppies and neons can be kept in 3 to 5-gallon tanks with dimensions smaller than 12 inches. The small bowl keeping a single goldfish is a common sight in many films and television series, but it isn’t recommended for fish period. It’s not a very humane way of keeping fish, as they’re always stressed in these inadequate environments. Most beginner aquarists start off with smaller tanks, and …

How to Make Tap Water Safe for Fish Aquariums San Diego, CA

How Do You Make Tap Water Safe for Your Fish?

The tap water we use for drinking, bathing, and even preparing meals isn’t the kind of water many aquatic species can survive in. Some (but very few) super-resilient species might survive in a tap water environment for an indefinite amount of time, but this would be gambling with aquatic life. The bottom line of untreated tap water is that it isn’t safe for fish. It must be treated in terms of its chemical composition as well as of its bacterial content. Anyone who chooses fishkeeping as a hobby should be thoroughly familiar with making tap water safe for fish because this is what they’ll be doing every time they change …

Why Wait 24 Hours to Put Fish in Your Tank San Diego, CA

Why Should You Wait 24 Hours to Add Fish to a Tank?

There are various opinions among aquarists and those who sell fish tank supplies about how long they should wait to add species to new tanks. Some purists who wrongly wish to go step by step and follow the “more natural” process of building and establishing an ecosystem say you should wait as long as three weeks, but that has proven to be a silly waste of three weeks without fish. Others prefer a more expedited process that includes the introduction of bottled bacteria and a small amount of fish, which can cut down the process to 24 hours before species can be introduced and is very simple. Understanding Established Tanks …

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