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5 Best Benefits of Adding Koi to Your Pond

Advantages of Having Koi Fish San Diego, CA

Koi fish are some of the most beautiful additions to an outdoor pond. Not only do they catch the eye and come in an incredible variety of colors, but they’ve also been shown to aid in relaxation and even increase property value. Here are five reasons you should consider adding koi to your pond, brought to you by Aquatic Warehouse, a leading provider of high-quality koi pond supplies.

1. They’re a Reminder of Both Strength & Serenity

In Japanese culture, these beautiful fish are regarded as symbols of strong willpower. They tend to swim upstream, a sign of persistence. Koi have also been shown to reduce negativity and anxiety in people who watch them swim. No wonder there’s a common belief in Japan that koi bring good fortune to the household.

2. They Can Raise the Perceived Value of Your Home

Many people consider a koi pond to be high value on the real estate market. If you install one in your backyard or convert an existing pond or water garden to accommodate koi fish, the landscaping automatically becomes more appealing to the eyes of many potential buyers.

3. They Make Good Pets

Compared to other fish, koi are considered higher maintenance, but compared to dogs and cats, they’re fairly easy to care for. They’re non-aggressive, calm enough to eat out of your hand, and in most locations they can be kept outside year round. If you’re looking for a pet more exotic than a puppy but want an animal that requires much less time or attention, koi are an excellent option. With proper care, they also live for a long time. These fish often live past 50 years, and several have survived for well over a century!

4. They Eat Insect Pests

One of the most common problems with installing a pond is flies and mosquitoes inevitably being drawn to the new water source, which can put a damper on cookouts and backyard camping, and of course also lead to the spread of disease. Fortunately, these fish are some of the most beautiful insect eaters you can ask for.

5. You Can Make Money by Selling Koi Fish

In addition to increasing your property value, koi are in high demand for ponds and aquariums. If you decide to breed your koi, you can easily make a profit by attending fish shows and selling your stock, or at least trade for some pond supplies.

Every koi pond needs to be maintained with the right supplies to ensure the fish live for many years to come. From koi pond filters to beneficial bacteria, Aquatic Warehouse can provide everything you need to properly maintain your koi pond. Stop by our store in Kearny Mesa, check out the supplies we have available on our website, or give us a call today at 858-467-9297.

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