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Temperature Mistakes You Need to Avoid with an Aquarium

Temperature Mistakes in Aquariums San Diego, CA

The temperature of your aquarium is one of the most important factors for keeping your fish healthy. It’s easy to buy fish without knowing the proper temperature they need, and your aquarium might not have the right equipment to keep your tank comfortable for your fish.

Tropical fish need a high temperature range, between 74°F and 80°F, cold water fish generally need temperatures below 68°F, and temperate fish fall somewhere in between. The aquarium experts at Aquatic Warehouse would like to share several temperature mistakes you’ll want to be careful to avoid so you can keep your fish healthy and happy.

Tank Too Small

You may not think of the size of your tank as having an effect on the temperature, but it does. In the wild, fish live in bodies of water that are large enough not to fluctuate in temperature too much. The smaller your tank is, the more dramatic the changes in temperature will be. Keep this in mind as you choose your fish, tank size, and method of regulating water temperature. Very sensitive fish may not do as well in smaller tanks, or you may need to be more diligent about regulating the water.

Temperature Too High

In summer, if your home doesn’t have an air conditioner, your tank is in danger of becoming too warm for your fish. High temperatures are the greatest danger for fish because warmer water can’t hold as much oxygen, and fish need more oxygen when they’re warm because their metabolism increases. Anything above 90°F will start to put your fish in peril. You can avoid overly high temperatures by moving your tank away from the sunlight, turning off the aquarium lighting, or the simplest way is to just take the top cover of the tank off and have a vigorous fan blow across the water. In extreme cases, a bag of ice works, but avoid dropping the temperature too quickly, as this will be very hard on your fish.

Temperature Too Low

Since many aquarium fish are tropical and fish cannot regulate their own internal body temperatures, water that’s too cold can also be an issue. Temperatures at the low end of a fish’s habitable range can cause your fish discomfort, and very low temperatures may cause fish to get sluggish, hibernate, or even die. Installing a high-quality water heater (https://www.aquaticwarehouse.com/heaters) is a very simple and effective way to keep your tank at a controlled temperature that’s warm enough for tropical or warm-water fish. Heated lamps or sunny spots may also help you heat your tank.

Swift Changes in Temperature

One of the biggest problems with fish care is stress on your fish. Not only is the stress itself bad, but when fish are stressed out, their immune systems also stop functioning properly, which can make them vulnerable to disease. Quick temperature changes are one of the worst culprits for stressing out fish. If you’re trying to change the temperature of your water, make sure to do it gradually and carefully.

Aquarium controllers are the perfect solution for regulating the temperature in your fish tank, and you can find the highest quality options at Aquatic Warehouse, as well as any other essential supplies you need to maintain your tank. Check out what we have to offer on our website, and give us a call at 858-467-9297 if you have any questions.


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