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5 Tropical Fish to Get if You Want Your Aquarium to Stand Out

Amazing Tropical Aquarium Fish San Diego, CA

An aquarium can be a lovely home décor accent and a fascinating hobby when you design it correctly. If you want your aquarium to stand out, you need something besides basic everyday fish. The staff at Aquatic Warehouse, a trusted aquarium supplier, would like to suggest some beautiful tropical fish to consider when you want an aquarium that’s sure to be a showpiece.

1. Tetras

Tetras are a great choice because they’re a schooling fish. A cluster of these brightly colored fish can be a lovely accent point in any aquarium. There are dozens of variants to choose from, and they tend to have bright colors like iridescent blue, deep red, and neon orange. Another bonus of selecting tetras is that they’re easy to care for and have small space requirements, making them ideal for new aquarium owners. Just make sure to not put them in with large fish or you may run into problems.

2. Dwarf Gouramis

Dwarf gouramis are a very peaceful breed of fish that gets along well with others. They have all the color of regular gouramis while being small enough to live in medium-sized tanks. Most of their variants have bright stripes in red, blue, and rainbow. Since gouramis are plant eaters, they can keep algae levels down in tanks. They prefer to live in pairs, so try to get at least two of them for your tank.

3. Tropical Discus

The tropical discus is best left to experienced aquarium owners, since it does need a lot of extra care, especially when it comes to pH and ammonia levels and high temperatures of over 84 degrees. However, if you’re up for the challenge, the tropical discus is a stunning species to include in an aquarium. These flat, wide fish have intricate patterns across their round bodies. The most common pattern is a branching red on a blue green background, but some variants have silver, yellow, teal, and other shades.

4. Rainbow Shark

This lovely tropical fish is sure to be a standout in any aquarium. Rainbow sharks get their name from their shark-like appearance, and they have a deep indigo black body with bright red fins. When fed properly, they can grow up to six inches in length. Just keep in mind that these beauties can be aggressive, so they don’t get along well with smaller fish. They like larger tanks with plenty of hiding spots.

5. Threadfin Rainbow Fish

The threadfin rainbow is another fish with rainbow in its name due to its colorful variety of red, green, and blue scales. However, what really makes the threadfin rainbow fish so notable is its long, trailing fins. These add a lot of visual interest, especially since this species loves to school with six or more others and hover in the middle of a tank. Due to their smaller size, they do fine in smaller tanks, and their care requirements are quite minimal.

If you’re looking for some amazing options for tropical fish, come stop by Aquatic Warehouse in Kearny Mesa. One of our aquarium experts can help you find the ideal pet. We also carry a wide array of high-quality aquarium and pond equipment. Give us a call today at 858-467-9297 if you have any questions.


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