ATI 24 Inch 6x24 watt Dimmable SunPower T5 High-Output Fixture w/ Controller


ATI 36 Inch 6x39 watt Dimmable SunPower T5 High-Output Fixture w/ Controller

ATI 36 Inch 39W Purple Plus T5HO Fluorescent Bulb

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ATI`s NEW GENERATION of T5 Bulbs continue this tradition of excellence. Unlike other brands, including other German-made T5 bulbs, ATI T5 Bulbs use the latest advances in phosphors (phosphors are the stuff inside the bulbs that emit light) and manufacturing techniques to produce bulbs with higher output, better coloration and more stability. By using better quality phosphors and improved manufacturing techniques, the new versions of the ATI Blue Plus and ATI Aquablue Special have better output and improved color over the previous generations. And as you all know, ATI was proud to release the all new ATI PURPLE PLUS Bulb, which was developed to replace the ATI Pro Color. Lastly, while again keeping the hobbyist in mind, ATI bulbs are also very affordable making them a great value and a preferred choice of experienced hobbyists throughout the world. 

Combines the properties of a full spectrum bulb with strong red and blue components producing a bulb with excellent color-rendition that works very well for bringing out the pinks, purples and reds in an aquarium.

True Length (including pins): 34”
39 Watts

Bulb Replacement Guide
Bulb Types Life of Bulb*
Very High Output (VHO)6-12 months
T5 High Output (T5HO)9-18 months

All fluorescent bulbs have a 30-day warranty.