60" T5 HO Miro-4 Retrofit Kit - LET Lighting


AquaticLife Marquis Dual T5 30" Marine HO Fixture

AquaticLife Marquis Dual T5 30" Freshwater HO Fixture

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AquaticLife Marquis delivers the latest leading-edge technology to satisfy the lighting needs of both novice and experienced freshwater aquarium hobbyists. Complete aquarium light fixture includes a 5/8" diameter high output (2) 6000K special Chromaticity wide spectrum lamps. Promotes exceptional growth and color in plants, as well as eye-popping vivid colors of fishes.

AquaticLife Marquis Dual-Lamp T5HO Marine Aquarium Light Fixture features an easy-to-program digital timer that automates ON/OFF time of both lamps for effortless setup of your custom aquarium lighting schedule. German-made lamp reflectors show off a distinct dimple pattern that produces a balance light footprint while directing light output deep into your aquarium. Adjustable width frame mounts securely hold fixture on virtually any type of aquarium, even frame-less designs. Single 2-meter power cord included.

- Digital Timer Turns Both Lamps On and Off Automatically.

- Frame Mounts Hold Fixture Securely on Rim Of Aquarium.

- Dimpled Pattern Reflector Produces a Balanced Light Footprint.

- Bulbs Included are (2) 24" Wide Spectrum 6000K Lamps.

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