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Kamoer X1 Micro Dosing Pump

Brand: Kamoer
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Kamoer X1 Micro Dosing Pump

The company Kamoer has been making multi dosing pumps for quite a while, but they really found a market niche with the new X1 Micro pump. Super easy to use for those reef (or planted tank) enthusiast that just isn’t ready to shell-out $300-$800 on a doser /controller. This small but very well built pump with it's own digital controller, will get your reef tank that much closer to “a stable reef” with the slow calibrated addition of Alkalinity, which is the most important element for large and small poly stony corals. Period.

  • Free iOS/Android App
  • Doses Liquids up to 12 Times per Day
  • Easily Programed on Your Phone- Bluetooth
  • Adjustable Dosing Volume
  • Dosing Volume - 0.1mL - 6000mL
  • Manual and Auto Quick Settings
  • Calibration Cylinder Included –Easily Calibrated for Accuracy
  • Delay Settings for Multiple Pump Setups-Expandable
  • Everything Needed is in the Box, except Alkalinity of Element of Your Choice
  • Daisy Chain up to Four -X1 Pumps per Power Supply



Dimensions 2.5" x – 4.0" x 3.0"

Accuracy <±2%

Dosing Channels - 1

Pump Life - > 2000 Hours

Dosing Intervals - One time every 31 days or up to 12 times per day

Tubing Size - 3mm ID