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AquaIllumination Prime HD LED (Black)

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AquaIllumination HD Prime LED Fixture

The AquaIllumination HD Prime is the very best in LED (light Emitting Diode) technology. With years of research and development A.I. has come up with the perfect solution to a large problem with small aquariums. That solution is the AI Prime, a revolutionary affordable light with so many features it’s going to take a while to get though them.

One light to rule them all, with built in wifi, the AI Prime is masterfully simple to use. Controlling an A.I. Prime takes ten minutes and a smart device I.E. (smart phone, computer or tablet). My A.I. is the flag ship application software that powers the Prime, it is compatible with any up to date IOS or Android operating system.

The Prime has a new and unique LED cluster boasting with a bright full spectrum diode set. The optical lens on the new Prime is fully capable of covering an aquarium 30 x 30 inches and some. The optic lens also comes preset at 80 degree of refraction from the factory and has a ninety percent optical efficiency. The diode set comes with four Cree cool white, one Oslon deep red, one Cree green, three Cree blues, two Oslon deep blues, one Semil violet, one Semil UV.

The A.I. Prime also comes in as an energy efficient lighting system with only using 50 watts of power. It comes with a ten foot power cord and a measurable foot print of 5.0”x 5.0” x 1.35”.     

Prime FAQs:
Do I need a controller to program the Prime?
No, the Prime is programmable through, the iOS, and Android apps or the local website.

Will the Prime work with the New Controller.

Will the Prime work with the Director?
Yes. A Director is not necessary to program a Prime, however one or more Primes will operate alongside other AI LED modules that are being controlled by a Director. All AI LED fixtures including Primes will be identifiable and controllable using one myAI account.

Where do I get the myAI app for my phone or tablet?
Go to the App Store or Google Play and search for myAI.

Does my Prime need to be
No, the Prime is able to be set to 0%, 1%, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100% intensities with a button press.

Will the Hydra TwentySix, FiftyTwo and Prime be usable together?
See previous question: Will the Hydra Prime work with the Director?

Do I need one of the Prime mounting solutions to mount the Prime?
It is highly recommended to use an AI Prime® mount, DIY mounting will be difficult.

Dimensions: 5.0”x 5.0” x 1.35”