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Eheim Air Pump 200

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Eheim Air Pump 200

The Eheim Air Pump 200 is an extremely quite quality product from the well-known German engineering. It is true in life that you get what you pay for; cheap air pumps are cheap. This air pump is not! From low noise level, anti-vibration pad, adjustable control, it even comes with a nice diffuser and airline tubing all with our discount pricing!

There are two outlets on the model 200 and two individually adjustable air outlets. And they come equipped with  two EHEIM diffusors. Vibration dampening rubber edgings contribute to the pump’s quiet operation. The air pump stays still and doesn’t “wander about”.

Advantages of the EHEIM air pump;

  • Very Quiet Operation.

  • Long service life, best quality.

  • Airflow is Adjustable at each Air Outlet on the Device.

  • Additional Adjustment of the Air Flow and Bubble Effect Using the Diffusor.

  • Completely Equipped with (2) Diffusor: with (2) Outflows

  • Rubber Suction Pads to Dampen Vibration

  • Hook for Hanging Vertically

  • Dimensions; 6” Length x 3.5” Width x 2.8” Ht.

  • Saltwater or Freshwater.

  • Only 3.5 watts

  • Max Tank Depth 6"-7" 

  • 3 Year Warranty

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