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Brand: Cobalt Aquatics
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Cobalt Rescue Air Kit

Cobalt Aquatics has come up with an innovative “reserve air pump” , the Rescue Air Kit with USB Power low voltage DC. This new air pump comes equipped with an internal battery that provides up to 24 hours of operation plus a USB power bank that will run the pump for up to 48 additional hours during power outages, emergencies, transporting fish, or for fish collecting trips!

This is a complete AIO package that arrives complete with airline tubing and an air stone that will have you covered for any emergency! You can conveniently charge the pump and power bank with a standard car USB charger to provide power on long trips. You wont have to worry about buying massive any D batteries  that other backup power units have. At Aquatic Warehouse, we have recommended these with excellent results for the last 6 months. 

The Cobalt Rescue Air has a strong air output with up to to 31 gph air and up will push air down to a 60" depth that will meet even the most demanding air requirements. The pump can run in constant on mode or it can operate in a 10 second on and off cycle to extend battery life when running on internal battery power. Pump will automatically engage if a power outage is detected.  3 year warranty.

You must plug the Cobalt Rescue Air Pump in to a wall outlet for it to detect a power outage. If pump is already running it will continue to run on battery power. If pump is off it will automatically turn on to prevent fish loss.

The go to Emergency Air Pump in the Aquarium Trade

Low Voltage DC Power

Will Run up to 48 Hours

No Extra Batteries Needed

Will Charge with a USP Outlet or Wall Outlet

Comes Complete Out of the Box