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Aqua Designs Amano Pollen Glass Beetle 40mm for Air

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Aqua Designs Amano Pollen Glass Beetle 40mm for Air

There has been a running debate about using an air diffuser within a CO2 planted aquarium lately. Yet it has been proven that the benefits far exceed not using O2 , and can help to be a real boost in overall health of an tank. It is common knowledge that the millions of living bacteria in a healthy planted aquarium use an incredible amount of O2. Once the lights turn off and your solenoid turns off the CO2, all living things still utilize a ton of O2.

Without the plants daytime respiration giving off trials of O2, the bacteria will starve, let alone you’re the larger animals like fish! It is thus only practical to add an air pump to your freshwater planted aquarium with a timer (and a check valve) opposite your lights and CO2.

Aqua Designs Amano has made a specific beautiful hand blown Pollen Glass Beetle diffuser that is a superior functional diffuser and an eye catching addition to your aquarium.     

  • For Use with an Air pump-Not for CO2