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Twinstar-II Nano Plus Algae Inhibitor

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Twinstar-II Nano Plus Algae Inhibitor

The Twinstar-II Nano Plus is an amazing breakthrough in minimizing and really all but eliminating all sorts of algae outbreaks in a freshwater planted aquarium. An innovative technology that not only is proven to work but has a byproduct of a mesmerizing smoky-look-bubble trail periodically that exudes super fine bubbles.

The technology behind the Twinstar seats with the sterilization effects from the electrolysis charged tiny bubbles, thus eliminating algae spores cell walls in their infancy, all while promoting better growth of the decorative plants in the aquascape.

What we have found is the Twinstar really makes a difference in the very first stages of a setup. It does its best job at prevention,  in the first few weeks or months of a new setup; which is when we all need extra help .


  • Elimination of Algae in its Infancy
  • Promotes Plants Growth of up to 50%.
  • Less Algae on Leaves Means More Growth of Plants.
  • Works on Blue Green Algae, Hair Algae, Brown Algae, Fuzz Algae, Green Spot Algae
  • It has been stated that the Twinstar-II increases the amount of light on the surface of plants by inhibiting algae that grow on them. It also activates trace elements in the water to make it more usable to plants.


Don't be fooled by the fake knock offs currently coming on the market, there is no substitute for Twinstar’s proprietary technology and the results are extremely evident. 

(It will not have effects on green water or black beard algae's. The cradle does not come with this product.)

Twinstar-II M3 (30-50 liters) 8-13 gallons

Twinstar-II  M5 (30-100 liters) 8-26 gallons

Twinstar-II Nano (50-180 liters) 13-48 gallons

Twinstar-II Nano Plus (50-250 liters) 13-70 gallons and a lot more!