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Simplicity 240DC Protein Skimmer with Controller

QQ1 External Nano Protein Skimmer

Brand: Bubble Magus
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Bubble Magus QQ1 Protein Skimmer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Finally, a “hang-on” skimmer for small tanks. Everyone knows how much a protein skimmer can help with extraction of waste by products before they can break down. Now, you can add a protein skimmer to very small tanks and have water quality like the larger saltwater aquariums. Super-efficient and easy to use, this fractionating skimmer is best for aquariums up to 25 gallons.

This is the ideal frag or quarantine tank skimmer!



·         Excellent  “Needle-Wheel”Impeller Pump.

·         Easy to Adjust Foam Bubble Reduction Outlet.

·         Rated for tank up to 25 gal

·         Includes Rock SP600 Pump @ 8.5 watts

·         Dimensions: 5.8"L x 4.4"W x 10.5"H

·         Maximum Aquarium Thickness: 12 mm