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PondMax PF2400 Annual Service Kit 18Watt

PondMax PF1200 Annual Service Kit 13Watt

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PondMax PF1200 Annual Service Kit 13Watt

All Pond Filters need an annual maintenance and the PondMAX for the PF 1200 UV is no exception. This easy to service kit is a breeze to change, via a complete Pressure Filter Service Kit.  This service kit includes a MUST needed replacement UVC Lamp, Quartz Sleeve, Complete O-ring Set and the replacement Filter Foams.


·         PondMax 13 Watt UV Sterilizer Bulb

·         PondMax Quartz Sleeve

·         Complete Set of O-rings

·         PondMax Filtration Foam

        Note: All UV bulbs must be replaced annually, even if the are still lite, the UV spectrum within the bulb offers (0) benefit for algae and protozoan eradication!

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