Oase BioPlus Thermo 200 Internal Corner Filter


Oase BioMaster 30 ppi Orange Coarse Foam Replacement

Oase BioMaster 20 ppi Blue Ultra Coarse Foam Replacement

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Oase BioMaster 20 ppi Filter Replacement     

The Oase BioMaster30 ppi  Ultra-Coarse Foam  is the replace filter media that is made exclusively for BipMaster 250,350 and the 600 canister filters. 

The 20 ppi Replacement Filter Foam for the BioMaster 250, 350, or 600 includes a coarse replacement filter foam you can customize your choice of filter foams to meet the needs of your aquarium.

Replacement scheduling for the filter foam varies upon aquarium size and the number of fish and plants. The 30 ppi replacement filter foam for the BioMaster 250, 350, or 600 includes an Ultra-Coarse replacement filter foam. The combination of coarse and fine filter foams allows you to customize to meet the filtration needs of your aquarium. Scheduling to replace the filter foam varies upon aquarium size, quantities of fish and plants. Replacement will keep the filter running to its optimum performance.

  • Rated at 20ppi and Blue in Color.