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K+ Pressure Pond Filter 3600 with Blower

K+ Pressure Pond Filter 2400 with Blower

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K+ Pressure Pond Filter 2400 w/ Blower

The complete line of these efficient filters use K+ filter media for dramatically improved biological filtration compared to using beads. The easy to use blower is utilized only during the cleaning cycle.

Pond water is pumped into the filter from the pump through the multi-splined laterals where the internal pipework directs the water to the bottom of the unit. Most all other filters "smash or dissolve" the solid waste from your pond and thus rises the nitrates and discolors the water. Whereas with the K+ filters, the water flows upwards inside the K+ Pressure Filter as dirt, debris and waste are trapped within the mass of K+ filter media. The vast protected surface area provided by K+ Media not only settles the waste in it’s bottom levels, it also provides a home for the beneficial bacteria, along with filter feeders such as Vorticella and Rotifers delivering mechanical and biological filtration.

The filter's pathway then flows optimally back into the numerous top lateral pipework, separate from the bottom laterals. This super-efficient means of filtration separates the K+ line from all others. This also allows for the use of much smaller pumps. The only reason other filter companies  require huge flow-rates is to back wash. The K+ line comes with a means of eliminating huge hi-watt pumps with the easy to use Blower that come with all K+ filters.

The K+ Pressure filter is incredibly easy to clean, by simply moving the handle on the multi-port valve into the corresponding positions to perform a backwash and a rinse of the K+ media.

  • Double the Filtration Access Ports in these Filters
  • Clearer Water / Less Nitrate Buildup then Other Filters
  • The Very Best Backwash Rejection Rate in the Industry
  • Super-Efficient Electric Backwash Blower Included
  • Flow-Through K+ Conical Filter Media – Not Beads
  • Requires Less Flow than Inefficient High-Flow Filters
  • Smaller Pumps Means Saving Huge Energy Costs
  • Built-In Support Stand- Not a Ringed Skirt, Pre-Loaded Media Included
  • Clear Viewing Port Viewing Area on Top
  • Detachable Backwash Blower
  • Rated at 21.8 lb pressure (tested at 36.26 lbs!)
  • 15" Diameter, Port Size 1-1/2" 
  • Max Pond Size 2400 Gallons

If you are not planning to use a pre-filter or a recommended skimmer box, then we highly recommend that you fit a strainer basket to the pump.

This will prevent leaves, string algae etc. from entering the filter and pump. It is recommended that all pipework on the pump side (from the pump to the filter and back to the pond) is installed on 2” pipe. Please note on the K+Pressure Filter you will have to reduce your pipe down to 1½” to connect to the multi-port valve. This will ensure that your pump is working at its maximum flow.

Do not operate the multi-port valve with the circulating pump switched on. The ball valve must be closed when the circulating pump is running.