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Kessil A -Series Mounting Arm

Brand: Kessel Lighting
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Kessil`s Mounting Arm 

Kessil`s Mounting Arm is a hi-quality (heavy duty) mounting arm that attaches directly to the aquarium glass. The fully adjustable “Mounting Arm” can move from back to front (for 18" - 24" wide tank) and also in height.

Another sign of quality is the excellent advanced cable management system that houses the cable inside the arm, providing a clean look.

For Rimmed and Rimless Aquariums

Compatible with A160, H160, A360, H380 and AP700 (which will requires 2 for AP700).

Works on Rimless and Standard-Rimmed aquariums (without perimeter braces). Kessil Extension Mount is required for Eurobrace and Acrylic aquariums that attaches to the stand.

part # KSAGN02