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Innovative Marine Accudrip- Acclamation Kit

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Innovative Marine Accudrip- Acclamation Kit is everything you need to successfully transfer Corals, Freshwater fish and Saltwater fish and reduce the stress that usually come with new tank mates. Remember, you are accumulating to the "water chemistry" not just the temperature. We only float the bag in the main aquarium only if there is a large temperature swing from transport to tank.

Use a clean and designated bucket and release your live fish, coral, or invertebrate along with the water contents. Always remember to allocate one bucket for fish only and one for corals and invertebrates to prevent cross contamination. 

Simply hang the rigid tubing on a cup of freshwater to rinse out any excess salt that may clog.

1. Insert the longer rigid tubing end into the flexible tube. Hang rigid tube on edge of aquarium and place other end of line into your bucket.

2. Close the rolling clamp and a simple squeeze of the siphon/drip chamber will create a siphon.

3. Slowly roll the clamp to open position until your desired drip rate is achieved.

4. We recommend that the water volume is tripled to slowly equalize all water parameters.

5. Take your time; 30-40 minutes worth is key!