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IceCap RODI Smart Water Filtration System

Brand: IceCap Aquarium Products
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A Fully Automated Smart RO/DI System

The Ferrari of RO/DI Systems -The IceCap Eco-Friendly Smart RO/DI System is a 4-stage reverse osmosis system like no other.

Take the guess-work out of duration time between cartridge replacement! This “smart-system” will give you a notification when it is time to replace them. It is equipped with a super quiet booster pump which allows the system to run at peak efficiency capable of providing a 2 to 1 waste to product water ratio and upwards of 150GPD* of pure product water-making it a very Eco-Friendly reverse osmosis unit.

The IceCap RO/DI unit is fully managed by an unique system controller that fully automates the entire water purification process and supports a few handy safety features that set it apart from any other system currently in the marketplace.

The IceCap Eco-Friendly Smart RO/DI features include leak detection, system run timer, filter replacement notification, high efficiency and a special Electro-Deposition coating to help protect the steel frame from rusting among many others.

  • Smart Controller Features
  • Fully-Automated Water Management
  • Accurate 3 Point Digital TDS Readouts (before filter, after membrane, after DI)
  • Timer Mode — Preset Run Times
  • Filter Replacement Notifications
  • Automatic membrane flush (start; if feed water disconnects; after production; every 2 hours of water production)
  • Manual “Strong" flush
  • Back Pressure shut off
  • High/Low Pressure Switches with audible alarms
  • Power conservation mode that automatically shuts off the screen when the unit is not in use
  • System On/Off function
  • Leak detection with audible alarm