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EcoTech Radion G6 XR30 Blue LEDs

EcoTech Marine Radion XR15w G6 Blue LED Light Fixture

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EcoTech Marine updated and redesigned the Radion series, building on the G3 and G4 platform to enable a brand new LED  light fixture. The G5 Blue series has a new, more efficient cooling system fan that runs much quieter. The G6 has an improved array of top-quality LEDs and spectrums that include warm white and violet for better, more balanced color rendition to show off your livestock.

The reconfigured XR15w  uses eight color channel spectrums. Custom-designed HEI (Hemispherical Edge Illumination) lenses dramatically improve color blending and even spread of light energy. This is especially important when keeping reef-building LPS and SPS corals that demand high-quality intensified light. Each color channel and light characteristics can be controlled through EcoSmart Live (ESL).

ESL allows control and programming of Radion lightsVorTech pumps, and Vectra pumps. EcoSmart Live uses an internet connection and a web browser (Chrome, Firefox or Safari). Data is stored in the cloud, as a back-up. The XR15w is designed to work as a single Nano fixture or to be used in multiple units on larger aquariums.

What we really like about the EcoTech Marine Radion XR15w Blue:

  • Eight adjustable color channels
  • HEI lenses create more usable light
  • Light is evenly spread throughout the tank
  • Proven success with reef-building corals
  • Can control EcoTech lights and water pumps with EcoSmart Live
  • Variety of mounting systems for any size aquarium

EcoTech Marine XR15w G6 Blue Features:

  • New array of the LEDs has been rebalanced and includes:
    • 4 - Cool white
    • 4 - Deep blue
    • 4 - Blue
    • 2 - Green
    • 2 - Photo Red
    • 4 - UV
    • 2 - Violet
    • 1 - Warm White
  • HEI lenses blend colors and spread light energy in a wider pattern, not just directly under each LED.
  • Reduces shadowing and makes more of the reef usable for coral growth.
  • Controllable directly on the fixture or through EcoSmart Live.
  • EcoSmart Live Software automatically updates – you’re always up to date.
  • Quiet cooling

The Radion LED fixtures can be mounted on any aquarium with EcoTech Marine mounting systems.

EcoTech Marine XR15w G6 Blue Specifications:

  • Maximum wattage: 95W
  • Fixture Dimensions: 7" X 7" x 1.5"
  • For aquariums 24-30 inches deep