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Aqua Designs Amano VUPPA-II Surface Extraction Skimmer

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Aqua Designs Amano VUPPA-II Surface Extraction Skimmer

The VUPPA I was an excellent surface skimmer but as with all Aqua Designs Amano products, excellent is now exemplary with the newly designed VUPPA II. Not only just a basic functionality did change, but this now adopts an internal floating switch which prevents cavitation caused by a water level change. 

This  stainless steel water surface extractor has the ability to keep any planted freshwater aquarium’s surface crystal clear by filtering out oils and organics that accumulate on any healthy aquarium and the all hand-crafted stainless body does not spoil the appearance of the aquarium.

  • Design is Visually Very Appealing
  • Removes Surface Films with Ease
  • Complete with a Facilitating Pump
  • With step-less Adjustable Holder
  • Includes a Float Switch
  • For Freshwater Only
  • Patented Product
  • Voltage / AC100V- 240V 50/60Hz

It can be installed to the frame-less tanks with thickness from 4mm to 15mm, and it produces excellent results  from small to large tanks.

ADA - Vuppa-II

  • Height 43 mm (1.7”)
  • Width 43 mm (1.7”)
  • Total Width (incl. mount)    13 mm (.51”)

The top water entrance  etched out in the top of VUPPA II allows water to trickle down over Bio Cube, which effectively breaks up organic waste and filters water through a layer of mechanical filtration before returning to the aquarium through the pump on the bottom.

VUPPA II comes with Bio Cube media for additional mechanical filtration for larger aquariums and is often used as a stand-alone filter in nano aquariums such as in the Mini S, Mini M and 30C. This kind of filtration has classically been used in small nano aquariums with low bio load (small numbers of fish or small species of fish like neon tetra). Since aquatic plants offer an additional layer of natural

filtration for aquariums, VUPPA II provides an excellent alternative to canister filters in small sized aquariums (less than 8 gallons).

When used as a nano filter, the water flow comes out in the middle of the aquarium, if you prefer your flow to evenly spread out towards the top of the aquarium via lily pipe.