ADA Lily Pipe V-5 Inflow 13mm (Suction)


ADA Mirror Unit for Aquasky 301

ADA Lily Pipe V-7 Inflow 17mm (Suction)

Brand: ADA - Amano
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ADA Lily Pipe V-7 Inflow 17mm

The original design by ADA of a delicate opening Lily flower is “hand made” by expert glass artist in Japan.  Though this design has been copied many times over using poor quality glass, the ADA Lily pipe is made to last for years. Not just a beautiful design but a very functional one too, creating the optimal water flow for the growth of aquatic plants.

In a proper aquascaped planted aquarium water flow should be strong enough to move a sufficient amount of water throughout the aquarium but not a static single point flow  which  hinders healthy growth of aquatic plants. Lily Pipe Outflow is hydro-dynamically designed to create a moderate circulation of mass of water within the aquarium ideal for the growth of aquatic plants. Adjusting the Lily Pipe Inflow above the waterline allows it to also serve as an aerator which eliminates oily surface film when used with a canister filter.

Height: 180mm

Width: 170mm

Hos Size: 17mm or 16/22