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ADA CO2 Hose Parts Set

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The ADA CO2 Parts set has every thing you might need to connect your check valve, clear flexible CO2 line to your diffuser. Always use "High-Pressure" ADA tubing from the regulator to the check valve, then this tubing from the check valve to your bubble counter keeping the distance short from your diffuser is important. ADA recommends replacing the tubing and check valve as a yearly maintenance so your regulator and ADA EL Solenoid and  Needle valve remains in top condition.   


  • ADA Clear Check Valve
  • ADA Flexible Tubing (not Hi-Pressure tubing)            Hi Pressure Tubing (link)
  • ADA Clear Suction Cups for  Clean Straight Lines Inside the Aquarium and Outside
  • Add the Hi-Pressure Tubing for the run from the regulator to the check valve