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ADA Solar RGB LED Lighting System for Planted Aquariums

ADA Solar RGB LED Lighting System for Planted AquariumsThe new innovative ADA Solar RGB represents ..
$999.99 $869.99
ADA Beetle Bubble Counter

ADA Beetle Bubble Counter

The ADA hand - made Glass Beetle Bubble counter is a marvel to look at. Beautiful in design, this pi..
$199.99 $189.99

ADA Cabochon Ruby Check Valve

ADA Cabochon Ruby Check ValveA check valve is a very important part of any CO2 setup. Once the CO2 ..
$109.99 $94.99

ADA Deluxe Glass CO2 Bubble Counter

ADA Deluxe Glass CO2 Bubble Counter        This beautiful ye..
$94.99 $74.99

ADA EL-Valve Electronic In-Line Solenoid

ADA EL-Valve Electronic In-Line SolenoidThe ADA EL-Valve In-Line Soleniod is the very best we have w..
$139.99 $129.99

ADA Pressure Proof Tubing 2 M - 36"

ADA Pressure Proof CO2 Tubing 2 M - 36"This is the perfect tubing for connection from a regulator ..
$9.99 $6.99

ADA VUPPA-II Surface Extraction Skimmer

ADA VUPPA-II Surface Extraction SkimmerThe VUPPA I was an excellent surface skimmer but as with all ..
$199.99 $179.99
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ADA Freshwater Planted Products

ADA Freshwater Planted Aquarium Products are known world-wide as being the "very best" of the best in freshwater planted tanks, substrates and accessories.