1" Spears Gate Valves Slip x Slip


3/4" Spears Gate Valves Slip x Slip

1-1/2" Spears Gate Valves Slip x Slip

Brand: Spears
Product Code: 2012-015
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1-1/2" Spears Gate Valves 

Gates valve are best used for drain applications and these American made Spears Buna Gate valves are the very best.

These computer engineered, heavy bodied CPVC construction gate Valves adds extra strength with superior chemical and corrosion resistance. The Non-Rising Stem means it will work in tight clearance areas and incorporates an O-ring stem seal which eliminates the need to re-tighten the stem nut, as required with traditional stem packing in order to stop leaks. These Super quality Gate Valves are not only made in America and built to last, they are actually re-buildable if ever they were to wear out from over use. Do not buy cheap gate

  • Specially Designed Sealing Surface
  • Specially designed sealing surface and tapered wedge promote positive sealing and smooth operation with minimal tightening.
  • Exclusive Strain-Equalizing Thread
  • Special strain-equalizing thread is used to couple the stem and wedge. This exclusive feature reduces the chance of stripping wedge threads in the event of accidental over tightening.
  • High Impact Polypropylene Handle
  • Wheel style, high impact polypropylene handle is sized for a solid grip.
  • Fully Repairable In-Line
  • Replaceable components are accessible without removing valve from line.