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Thank you for stopping by our web site. Aquatic Warehouse was first opened in 1993 in San Diego as an institutional "wholesale – only" fish and coral location catering to stores and shipping nationally. We were also known for our high end filtration and fractionation (skimmers) lines. Being hobbyists at heart, we really missed the one on one relationship with hobbyists like yourself, and so we decided to change directions and open our doors to the public.

A lot has changed since the early days, not only have we (thanks to you) grown four times our original size, with over 3500 different aquarium and pond related products, 1000's of fish, corals and plants, but we have acquired an excellent base in our knowledgeable enthusiastic staff dedicated to this great hobby! We are always striving to learn new ideas and techniques to help make all aspects of aquarium keeping easier, more successful and of course more fun.

We cater to all aspects of the aquarium industry specializing in advanced custom reef and fish systems. But just because we know the genus and species of corals and gorgonians, doesn't mean we don't love guppies and platys! We are very proud of our planted freshwater stand alone tanks too! We invite you to take a few minutes and have a look at our articles and browse the many great photos in our archives on Facebook. We would also love you to stop by our 8000 square foot store in Kearny Mesa right off freeways 163 and 52; we are open 7 days a week:

Monday through Friday from 10:00 to 7:00, Saturday 10:00 to 6:00 and Sunday 11:00 to 6:00. 

Fins Forever, Aquatic Warehouse Staff

Knowledgeable & Enthusiastic Staff


"After looking at an empty aquarium sitting in my apt for 2 years I finally decided to give it some life.

I putzed around Petsmart and they got some stuff. Some basic equipment. You know, the kind of stuff you get for a 10 year old when the fish will be going down the toilet in 3 months.

Then I cruised down to Aquatic Warehouse and wow. Right when you walk in they have multiple awesome nano setups on display. Then row after row of saltwater and freshwater fish and plants as well. Most all the high end equipment. A very fun store to shop around in. The associates are friendly and helpful, and never make you feel weird about spending alot of time looking. You can literally spend 2 hours here looking and researching and not feel weird about it. This is good if you're like me."

Travis L

"WOW! After our old go-to, Goldfish World, closed down, I was in despair. That was the second mom-pop shop shut down in the last few years. The other was on Adams Ave. I hated having to go to Walmart or Petsmart for supplies. Now there is an answer! They have everything known to fishkind here. I was able to pick up a great gravel cleaner for our freshwater tank. The service was great and every staff member was extremely knowledgeable and friendly!

Fantastic selection of equipment and exotic fresh and saltwater fish and plants. Beware the lure of the fish! They will suck you in, so be ready to part with your cash or don't go at all."

Christina R