Filtration is the absolute necessity for any aquarium, be it reef fish or planted aquariums alike. For reef, mechanical and chemical, add biological to all others. At Aquatic Warehouse, we have got you covered.

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  • Canister Filters
    Canister Filters have much more filtration
    surface area and much more room to add
    all kinds of biological,mechanical and chemical
    media than any hang-on filter. The hands down choice
    for most aquarists.
  • Internal Filters
    Internal Filters are an easy way to consolidate and de-cluter filtration
    that can be un-sightly on yje outside of aquariums. These small filters
    can pack a punch.
  • Tank Mount Filters
    Tank Mount Filters are the simplest way to add needed filteration to
    any aquarium. Chemical, biological and mechanical filtration all
    in a small easy to maintain package. Bigger the better to allow for more
    fish (bio-load). Rememeber to only clean your filter media in aquarium water
    so as not to kill the good bacteria in tap water.
  • Fluidized Bed Filters

    Fluidized bed filtration is highly regarded and the go to
    biological filter choice of most aqua farms globally for a
    reason, they are super-efficient and take up a very small
    space compared to any other type of filtration.

  • Media Reactors
    Media Reactors hold Carbon, Phosphate Media, Bio Pellets,
    Refugium Media, and Fluidized Media
  • Filter Media
    Filter Media is what we fine tune any filter that comes right out-of-the-box with
    all different kinds of added biological, chemical or mechanical media.
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Showing 1 - 12 of 59 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 59 items